Two people fatbiking on winter trail in Bragg Creek.

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There’s always something new and groundbreaking in Canada’s Alberta. From must-do activities to unique cultural experiences, we’ve got events and activities that will amaze and entertain you.

This winter’s can’t-miss fun and thrills

Snowy landscapes, clear skies and an increased sense of adventure make winter in Alberta truly epic. Feel free to join the non-stop action.

01 Alberta’s wild skies

As part of the great north, Alberta experiences long winter nights ideal for chasing the aurora borealis, picking out constellations and viewing the Milky Way Galaxy. Alberta has five designated Dark Sky Preserves across the province, making it the ideal destination for stargazing enthusiasts. Watch in wonder as the skies over Alberta come alive with the mesmerizing dance of the northern lights. 

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See the stars and northern lights like never before in Alberta’s dark sky paradise.

02 Winter fun

Bundle up for a chilled-out Canadian adventure like you’ve never experienced. Hikes become snowshoe excursions, cozy cabins make for the perfect snowy getaway, and natural attractions like canyons and lakes become entirely new experiences. There’s also plenty of urban exploration to be had, from ice carving festivals to a warm soak in the hot springs. 

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Group of visitors dogsledding with Snowy Owl Dogsled Tours in Spray Lakes.
There’s nothing like the excitement of being pulled across a snowy landscape by a team of sled dogs.

03 Outdoor recreation

Alberta’s landscape has a timeless beauty. But people are alway searching for new ways to have outdoor fun. Check out Alberta’s world-class ski resorts or try snowshoeing. 

The Rocky Mountains offer ice climbing, scenic hikes and fantastic camping. Or you can try ice fishing, fat biking or skating on a frozen lake. 

There’s also plenty to explore beyond the mountain parks. Northern Alberta offers incredible opportunities to get your heart pounding with snowmobile adventures, and wildlife can be spotted throughout the province.

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Ice climbing is a popular and fast-growing winter sport in Alberta.

04 Indigenous experiences

Immerse yourself in ancient cultures that are new to you. There’s no better way to get a sense of this place we call home than by meeting the people who have the deepest understanding of it. An Indigenous cultural site, a road trip built around visiting Indigenous businesses and cultural interpreters or a visit to an Indigenous-owned ranch will make for an unforgettable taste of Alberta. 

Discover Indigenous Experiences 

Indigenous Tourism Alberta

Indigenous guides, like Brenda Holder of Mahikan Trails, provide authentic experiences that will help you get to know this land on a deeper level.

05 Foodie hotspots

Wherever you travel in Alberta, you’ll find great food and drink. Check out Ten Foot Henry in Calgary, with a menu anchored in fresh vegetables and a fun, family-style dining experience. Edmonton foodies flock to RGE RD, so join the locals for a celebration of local ingredients. If you’re on a road trip, you’ll want to visit a farm-to-table dinner or a craft brewery like Lacombe’s Blindman Brewing. 

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Ten Foot Henry pays homage to Henry, a beloved comic strip character from the 1930s, who became a Calgary icon by inspiring its creative community in the 1980s.

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Feast your eyes while driving through the Alberta landscape. When you pull over, sit down to a local feast. There are great bars and restaurants in every corner of the province.

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New arrivals & hidden gems

The pioneer spirit lives on in Alberta. That’s good news for travellers looking for new tastes, thrills and experiences.

Spectators line the street while enjoying a skijoring event during a winter festival.
Inspire your Wild Side by taking in unique winter sports like skijoring.
Hockey coach and player pausing from playing pond hockey to look up and admire the northern lights overhead.
See the stars and northern lights like never before in Alberta’s dark sky paradise.
Find your favourite Indian dishes at Calcutta Cricket Club in Calgary, made with a modern twist.
Lace up your skates for a festive winter wonderland at Edmonton’s Silver Skate Festival.
A couple enjoys the plunge pools at the Kananaskis Nordic Spa. Mountains are seen in the background.
Kananaskis Nordic Spa takes self-care to a whole new level.
Fort McMurray’s Heritage Village is like history locked in time.

So much to discover. View our trip ideas for all the best local recommendations.

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