Welcome to Jasper

Venture further from Banff and be rewarded with a more untouched wild. Here, it’s not uncommon to witness great bucks wandering aside the road, brilliantly green northern lights illuminate the night sky, or deep blue mountain lakes with not a soul around. And at the centre of it all is a small but active town equipped to meet every need.

This is a place for those who push their Wild Side. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to ice climb frozen canyons, traverse glaciers, raft beneath waterfalls or practice yoga atop mountains, Jasper is up for the challenge.

Paddle across turquoise lakes and gaze up epic mountain slopes.
Scenic shot of the gondola at Jasper National Park.
Ride the gondola for a birds-eye perspective of Jasper National Park.

Getting here

The town of Jasper is a half-day trip from two major international airports: Calgary and Edmonton. But this is not your average commute. Be ready to see jaw-dropping scenery and photo-worthy roadside stops.

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