People taking photos at Horseshoe Canyon in the Canadian Badlands.


Couple walking along the trails in Horseshoe Canyon
Make time to stop and explore Horseshoe Canyon on the way to Drumheller. You’ll be glad you did.

Boots crunching on shale, you move through land carved by water and wind, where dinosaurs once roamed.

Couple watching the sunset at Dinosaur Provincial Park in the Canadian Badlands, Southern Alberta

The sun shines on this place, just as it has for billions of years.

Group on a interpretive tour at Dinosaur Provincial Park.
Take a guided tour through the Badlands.
Uncover the past on a tour at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller.

It reveals the past...

and brings every moment to life.

Shaped by the rivers and lakes that surround it …

This land nourishes those who come here...

Friends enjoying a beer at Valley Brewing in Drumheller.
Person enjoying a burger at Bernie & The Boys Bistro in Drumheller

and keeps their spirit strong.