Welcome to Calgary

Also known as “Cowtown” to the rest of Canada, this cosmopolitan city is rooted in its wild Western heritage. It’s also Canada’s energy centre—both economically and culturally. You’ll never find yourself bored in Calgary.

Calgary’s downtown has everything you’d expect from a big city: shopping, fine dining, museums and endless entertainment options. The surrounding neighbourhoods each have a unique identity, with boutiques, breweries and a bevy of public art. Two large rivers wind throughout it all, forever nourishing its parks and people.

Aerial shot of the Calgary Downtown and surrounding areas with the Rocky Mountains in the distant background on a sunny evening.
The Bow and Elbow Rivers run through Calgary and join near the Calgary Zoo.
Two friends on electric scooters with lights, closely followed by a third person on roller skates, crossing the Peace Bridge at night.
Cruise through the city on electric scooters.